Alejandro Toledo

Alejandro Toledo is one of the most popular directors in the world of advertising, due to the variety and versatility of his talent. His showreel boasts beautiful work across several categories from Automotive to Story Telling to Action to Humor to Corporate to Beauty to Emotion…

Alejandro began his career as a freelance commercials director in Spain in 1983.

Over the years he has a built a dynamic network of production partners that span across all continents

With over 20 years of international experience, Alejandro has directed commercials for a plethora of important multinational clients MERCEDES, NISSAN, KIA, BMW, GM, LEXUS, PEUGEOT, OLYMPIC GAMES, NIKE, KODAK, SUN INTERBREW to name a few.

What most interests Alejandro is the possibility to create real emotions, human stories with real characters and be able to achieve narrative simplicity for any idea. Those interests are reflected in his directing style, exquisite visuals and photography, along side his unique aptitude for interpreting performances and story-telling.