Camille Marotte

Camille Marotte is a French director and photographer with a distinct cinematic style. He has taken his passion for technology and fused it with a keen eye for beautiful, naturalistic imagery.

The result has been a series of innovative spots known for their ability to tell emotionally charged stories with poetic, breath-taking style. Camille has a strong but delicate, cinematic style and a penchant for beauty, cars, fashion, storytelling and luxury. After graduating from the E-Art Institute in Paris in 5 years, Camille began directing immediately for prestigious clients like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Maybelline or Calvin Klein. With an obsession for light, colour and photography.

Camille's work gained notoriety in fashion circles, winning 3 Vimeo Staff Picks which further fanned his popularity with worldwide luxury and fashion campaigns, TVC for fashion, cars, sports, high tech and luxury for clients like Cartier, Piaget, BMW, Marc Jacobs, Audi, Harper's Bazaar, L'Oréal, Elle Magazine, Under Armour, Fujifilm, or Hennessy. Camille is also working as a freelance photographer alongside his TV commercials as well as in editorial or with partnerships with Omega, Chanel, La Prairie, Cartier or Galerie Lafayette.