Trevor McMahan

After starting out at Smuggler as the “third arm” of directing collective HAPPY (Guy Shelmerdine and Richard Farmer), Trevor collaborated creatively with a number of the world’s top commercial directors – Ivan Zacharias, Ringan Ledwidge, and Noam Murro, to name a few. His work aims to defy genre but always deliver on a creative vision – to push each project toward its own iconic voice. And sometimes really shiny awards. With a mix of authentic performances and cinematic storytelling, both humanity and humor, he has done work for clients including Coca Cola, Google, Visa, T-Mobile, McDonald’s, Jeep, and Cadbury. Shiny-awards-collecting-dust-in-my-garage include multiple Cannes Gold Lions, the cfp-e Young Director’s Award, and a certificate of induction into MOMA’s permanent collection as an AICP honoree. But the focus has always been on telling the next story better than the last. And there’s still a some room on that shelf between the paint thinner and power tools. Ah, here we are at the bottom line: Trevor loves telling stories, and he would like to tell yours.